The company was founded by Efstathios I. Triantafyllidis (Electrical and Mechanical Engineer B.Sc., M.Sc.) in August 1986, based in Thessaloniki and operates until now as a public limited company. The company’s headquarters are located in a privately owned facilities at 5 Riga Feraiou str., in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.


Initially active in the field of electromechanical studies, supervision of building and industrial installations as well as in the construction of private works, since 1990 it has expanded to the construction of public works, works of public interest organizations and specialized private works such as banking, craft and shops.

In August 2005, Sofia-based subsidiary STAT Bulgaria was founded in Bulgaria, with the main focus on the rebuilding of bank branches throughout Bulgaria. This development marked the start of the company’s activity outside Greece.

In September 2015, the company, through its shareholders, founded and holds a 50% stake in the establishment of Sigma – Bau GmbH, based in Stuttgart. Sigma-Bau’s business is to build houses and renovate commercial stores in the Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria states in Germany.

Since January 2016 the company has developed a department specializing in the maintenance of facilities and electromechanical facilities (facility management), undertaking the maintenance of 140 Piraeus Bank branches in North and West Greece. The company, utilizing its own well-trained and experienced, personnel and logistics infrastructure, as well as a wide network of certified partners across the country, is able to evaluate, plan and successfully solve all technical issues that may arise in its liability stores. Along with the repressive, the company also plans and implements preventive maintenance of the equipment of these stores on a quarterly and semi-annual basis.

The company’s 30-year continuous construction activity provides the opportunity to display a wide and valuable list of important and diverse projects, including public works, private homes, office buildings, as well as complete construction, reconstruction or partial refurbishment of more than 200 branches, the majority of which relate to the four systemic banks. The company’s experience in the field of construction supports its presence not only in the Thessaloniki area, but also across Greece and in other European countries, such as Germany and Bulgaria.

Our company is staffed by all specialties, a total of 15 engineers (civil, architects, engineers, electricians, surveyors), administrative personnel as well as permanent technicians of all specialties covering the full range of construction. Also, our timely & constant collaboration with external workshops (for plasterboard, paint, electrical etc) ensures the perfect and fast completion of any building project.

All of the above combinations call for the successful and high level of quality and consistency of finishing of various forms of construction.